We love Physie because ……

Physie provides so many wonderful opportunities and benefits for girls and women of all ages to develop attributes that will serve them well throughout their lives. When we asked some Physie Mums why they love their daughters being involved in physie, this is what they had to say. "It has taught

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Physie Tip of the Week

This week we're giving you some tips for practicing at home in the Holidays. Find a friend to practice with - a physie friend will help motivate you and you can watch and film each other. Practice counting the music.  Counting the routines is really important.   First do the routine

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Physie Tip of the Week

Tailor Sit • Start at long sit • Bend knees and fold legs. Tuck one foot under the opposite knee while the other foot sits in front of the opposite knee • Leave arms stretched out at long sit, fingertips touching floor • Tighten abdominal muscles • Pull shoulders back •

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Another Physie High Achiever

A quick practice after physie comps Kerri Cottell couldn’t be much prouder of her daughter Jessie.  Jessie is 14 and for the last 10 years has been mad about physie and successful too.  But Jess now has a new love…. playing lawn bowls! Kerri says, “Jessie’s passion for Physie

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Australian Dance Festival

The ADF is on this weekend!  The Australian Dance Festival is a fantastic weekend of all things dance, including workshops with famous Australian dance teachers and choreographers.  Visit www.australiandancefestival.com.au This year 30 physie girls from Balgowlah club will be performing on stage on Friday night at approx. 7.30pm at the State

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High Achiever!

Lifelong physie girl Kirsty Schofield was recently awarded “Outstanding Australian Female Investigator of the Year” by the Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police. She credits physie with giving her the presence and strength to lead others. She says, “Physie’s motto of Empowering Girls for Life resonates with me for the roles

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Just for the Fun

“Hi. My name is Louise and I'm 29 with 2 young kids. I started doing Physie at a NSW club when I was 8 and stopped at 16. Then, for the first time in 12 years, I started doing Physie again this year in Queensland. I have always loved Physie and

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