• All competitors must be registered members of the Bjelke-Petersen School of Physical Culture before their third lesson.
  • Members must be entered into the competitions by their club prior to their event.
  • The Judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the Judges’ decisions and feedback will not be provided to competitors.
  • Competitors must compete in the section according to their current age/category and zone. They may not enter an alternate individual competition under any circumstances.
  • Competitors must arrive at the competition at least 30 minutes before the starting time set down in the Competition Timetable and 1 hour before the start time of Nationals and Repechage.
  • The BJP official running the competition reserves the right to refuse entry to any competitor who is not ready to be marshalled by the correct time.
  • Competitors and spectators may NOT enter the judging area at any time, except competitors receiving prizes.
  • Only competitors who comply with the dress rules may perform.
  • Only BJP leotards and performance wear bearing the BJP logo may be worn in competitions.
  • Styles may be worn from any current or previous year and must be bear the BJP logo in its original place. The style or design of garments may not be altered.
  • BJP reserves the right to check garments for compliance at all competitions.
  • Videoing of competitors is allowed from the BACK view only, except where the audience is seated in front of competitors.
  • Parents may only video their own child. If you do not have another person’s permission to video or livestream them, it is against the law to do so.


  • No tan or coloured moisturiser of any description may be worn.
  • Skin-coloured mesh or plain tights may be worn under leotards.
  • A minimal amount of foundation, lipstick and blush may be worn.
  • No other make-up of any type may be worn including eye-shadow, eye liner, mascara, false eyelashes, face/body/hair glitter.
  • No false nails or nail polish may be worn. This includes acrylic, stick-on, gel coatings or any other kind.
  • No jewellery may be worn, including earrings. This includes watches and wristbands. If ear studs cannot be removed, they must be covered with skin-coloured tape or band-aids.
  • No teasing of any part of the hair for added height or width, including pinned curls or ponytails, is permitted.
  • Long hair may be worn in a ponytail, plaits, bunches, half up/half down or loose.
  • Ballet buns must be worn low at the nape of the neck.
  • No false hair pieces or foam donut inserts are permitted.
  • Neutral coloured hair pins and elastics only may be used to secure the hair.
  • No hair accessories are allowed other than BJP bows (large or small), scrunchies and headbands purchased from the Physie Shop, bearing the BJP logo, or a single plain ribbon (no wider than 2.5 cm) in satin, nylon or lycra.
  • The single ribbon may also be used to tie a bow or as a plain headband to keep hair back. No other type of headband may be worn other than BJP Physie Shop headbands.
  • All the above rules apply to teams as well as champion girl except that any hair accessories meeting safety requirements may be worn in teams.


  • BJP headbands, scrunchies and fabric bows (small size only) purchased from the BJP Physie Shop may be worn and must display the BJP logo.
  • Wedding/engagement rings and small stud earrings (either gold, silver or gems (up to 0.5cm diameter) may be worn.
  • No other jewellery, watches or wristbands may be worn.
  • Skin-coloured foot thongs may be worn.
  • Skin-coloured body stockings with or without sleeves may be worn.
  • Skin-coloured strapping (for injuries) may be worn.
  • Hair-coloured head coverings purchased from the BJP Physie Shop may be worn.
  • No face, body or hair glitter may be worn.
  • All the above rules apply to teams as well as champion girl.
  • Any hair accessories meeting safety requirements may be worn in teams.

Physie TV

Physie TV

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Hall of Champions

Hall of Champions

Congratulations to all our Grand Champions of 2022.

Performing Art Gallery

Performing Art Gallery

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Senior Grand Champions

Senior Grand Champions

The Senior Champion Girl Finals have been held annually at the Sydney Opera House since 1974.


What people say

“I am so lucky to share this wonderful sport with my two sisters and daughter. I get to enjoy watching my daughter’s passion for Physie grow, just as mine did, and I love that we have such a special connection through Physie.”


“I’m so glad that a friend convinced me to take my daughter to her first Physie lesson. It gets her moving, off her devices and it improves her posture, confidence & flexibility.


“Ten years ago, I went looking for a fun and affordable dance sport for my 4 year old daughter. We found Physie and have never looked back!”


Physie is an elegant way of developing fitness, grace and strength in girls and women. At BJP, we are proud of how Physie weaves its way throughout the lives of Australian families. Generations of women have discovered a true sense of community and a sport for life.”

Jackie Rawlings, BJP Director

“My daughter absolutely LOVES Physie and so do I! Above all else, Physie has allowed us to join a beautiful network of amazing women.” 


“I began Physie at the age of three and have loved it ever since. Physie has taught me to be creative and confident but the best part is the lifelong friendships which I treasure!”

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