Who is BJP Physical Culture

What is BJP Physical Culture

What is Physie?

What is Physie?

Fun, upbeat, pop music is the soundtrack to a sport that fuses dance styles such as jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, aerobic dance and even yoga! Our innovative choreography changes annually and is designed for maximum variety and fun.

Physie (also known as Physical Culture) is the perfect combination of movements designed to increase strength, fitness and flexibility. The benefits for your daughter are increased co-ordination, brain development and confidence.


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Who Does Physie?

Who Does Physie?

Physie isn’t just about dancing or competitions. Physie is about empowering girls with the skills to become confident, strong women. It’s about getting fit and healthy and having a place where you feel encouraged, supported and valued.

With great role models to look up to, Physie girls learn about positive body image from a young age. They’re taught to embrace fitness as a way of life and focus on what their bodies can do, rather than how they look.


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Where Can I Do Physie?

Where Can I Do Physie?Select a state to find out your nearest club and how to get in touch with them. If you have any general questions relating to Physie clubs, you can ask us here. Alternatively, you can give us a call on (02) 9858 5122 and we can give you details relating to class times, venues, teachers, contact numbers and web addresses

If you can’t find a club near you, send us an email so that we can let you know when a club opens in your area. If you are an existing physie member over 16 years of age and would like to start a new club let us know!


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