Robyn Herbert, Chairman of the board, is Judy Spence’s only daughter and physie has been an integral part of her life since she began at Bondi aged 3. She attended classes at Longueville and Balgowlah where her favourite activity was being in the entertainment sections. As a teenager she attended her mother’s club, BeeJays. What Robyn loved most about physie was the friends that she made and, although she wasn’t a champion, the chance to be part of a team. In 2004, Robyn was invited to join the board and has been a director since. Passionate about promoting physie, she feels proud to help build on the legacy left by her mother. She loves that physie is a sport that you can do for life and wants to make it a household word.

Robyn Phillips started her magical physie journey when she was 7 at Lidcombe-Berala. At 16 she taught Marrickville and Campsie, then Mt Pritchard and Lidcombe-Berala. In 1977 she opened Liverpool club and still teaches there. Robyn has experienced many aspects of BJP in her journey including teacher, zone head, choreographer and Associate Teacher for 25 years in Sydney, Liverpool, Tamworth and Orange. Her greatest passion is teaching and sharing the love of physie with everyone with whom she comes into contact. Working as a director feels like the ultimate hobby becoming a job in the most inspiring way imaginable.

Jackie Rawlings started physie aged 2 at the back of the Associate class that her Mum taught. A love of music and dance was instilled at an early age combined with a quest for self-improvement and a thirst for as many kinds of movement as possible. She began teaching at 15, choreographing in her 20’s and has been working at BJP for 20 years. Jackie loves engaging with BJP’s Associates in workshops, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and fostering personal growth. Her favourite moments are when she hears a teacher say that physie has empowered them or a parent thanks the organisation for giving their child confidence, self-belief and a sense of belonging. To be able to serve the physie community on a daily basis is an honour that Jackie values above all others.

Maxine Szalay’s love of Physie started at North Ryde when she was 5. At 16 she began teaching at Forestville then Balgowlah where she had been a member for many years. As a competitor, her proudest physie moment was becoming Senior Grand Champion at the inaugural Sydney Opera House finals. After 50 years as a BJP Associate she still loves teaching the Ladies at Balgowlah club. She is passionate about teamwork and giving students, at whatever level, the confidence and opportunity to perform and experience the bond which grows within a team and a club. Maxine is very proud to be a director and to work in the industry she loves.

Candice Wolfson began her physie life at 6, taught by her mum, Shirley Wolfson, at Maroubra. For 2 years she wore tunics then her club was one of the first to embrace leotards (her first was a lovely lettuce green). Physie taught Candice how to be a team player, how to teach and to have courage. It has also given her the ability to plan, learn and stand before her peers in the workplace as Senior Microbiology Scientist at Concord Hospital. As a teenager physie helped Candice to overcome fear and nerves by concentrating on the music. She says physie is a unique language that allows us to feel and express ourselves when we are unable to use more conventional methods. She will always be thankful for physie.


Kim Annesley started Physie 35 years ago and her love of teaching began by chance when at 16 she was asked to take over a local club. She joined the BJP Team as IT Manager in 2016 and became a BJP syllabus choreographer. Kim enjoys teaching Associate classes in Sydney and in NSW regional areas, as well as teacher workshops and Accreditation. She was a choreographer of the “Angels” segment at the 125 Year Spectacular. The philosophy most important to Kim is that everyone can participate in Physie, regardless of their age or experience, and can find a place to belong.

Fiona Way is a nurse manager in Newcastle, mother of two and has been a physie girl since the age of three. At the 125 Year Spectacular Fiona was proud to bring the historic BJP “Gymnasium” to life for her zone. She currently teaches Newcastle and country Associate classes. Fiona is passionate about creating a supportive network for women and a nurturing environment for girls to lead long and healthy lives.Physie isn’t just about dancing or competitions. Physie is about empowering girls with the skills to become confident, strong women. It’s about getting fit and healthy and having a place where you feel encouraged, supported and valued.

Lana O’Reilly has been teaching Physie for 19 years with many personal and teaching successes to her name. In 2022 she was appointed Associate Teacher to help grow Physie in Victoria and to share her love of the sport with the teachers. Outside of Physie, Lana is a mum and works in Senior Management at David Jones. Her genuine enthusiasm is what she is best known for. She prides herself on not taking life too seriously and loves seeing Physie girls grow and form lifelong friendships, which is what Physie is all about!

Maddison Goodwin-Gower has been a Physie girl since the age of 3, finding a lifelong love for the sport and for teaching. Physie has provided many opportunities including choreographing the 125 Year Spectacular piece “The Sixties” and, most recently, delivering associate classes in Queensland and Northern NSW. When she’s not teaching Physie, Maddison is an Occupational Therapist working with older adults to keep them active and safe. Combining these two worlds, she is passionate about teaching both the art and science of dance and movement with a focus on promoting our members’ longevity in Physie.


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(Ashlie also works part-time in the BJP office)

Physie TV

Physie TV

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Hall of Champions

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Performing Art Gallery

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Senior Grand Champions

Senior Grand Champions

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What people say

“I am so lucky to share this wonderful sport with my two sisters and daughter. I get to enjoy watching my daughter’s passion for Physie grow, just as mine did, and I love that we have such a special connection through Physie.”


“I’m so glad that a friend convinced me to take my daughter to her first Physie lesson. It gets her moving, off her devices and it improves her posture, confidence & flexibility.


“Ten years ago, I went looking for a fun and affordable dance sport for my 4 year old daughter. We found Physie and have never looked back!”


Physie is an elegant way of developing fitness, grace and strength in girls and women. At BJP, we are proud of how Physie weaves its way throughout the lives of Australian families. Generations of women have discovered a true sense of community and a sport for life.”

Jackie Rawlings, BJP Director

“My daughter absolutely LOVES Physie and so do I! Above all else, Physie has allowed us to join a beautiful network of amazing women.” 


“I began Physie at the age of three and have loved it ever since. Physie has taught me to be creative and confident but the best part is the lifelong friendships which I treasure!”

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