BJP Physie fosters connection, confidence and sportsmanship.

BJP Physie aims to improve the health of Australian girls and women by promoting physical fitness and mental well-being.
Since 1892, our motto has been Mens Sana In Corpore Sano – A healthy mind in a healthy body. Physie promotes an active, healthy lifestyle where physical activity is an enjoyable part of daily life.

Being part of a Physie team encourages a lifelong love of exercise and increases confidence and self-esteem. We are passionate about serving our community and supporting the many clubs who belong to our association. We keep costs to our members and their teachers as low as possible so that Physie is within the financial reach of every Australian family. BJP Physie provides a fun, affordable, team-based sport that encourages girls and women from all communities to participate.

Physie TV

Physie TV

Some of the best selection of videos highlights on Physie TV

Hall of Champions

Hall of Champions

Congratulations to all our Grand Champions of 2022.

Performing Art Gallery

Performing Art Gallery

See our Physical Culture image gallery


Senior Grand Champions

Senior Grand Champions

The Senior Champion Girl Finals have been held annually at the Sydney Opera House since 1974.


What people say

“I am so lucky to share this wonderful sport with my two sisters and daughter. I get to enjoy watching my daughter’s passion for Physie grow, just as mine did, and I love that we have such a special connection through Physie.”


“I’m so glad that a friend convinced me to take my daughter to her first Physie lesson. It gets her moving, off her devices and it improves her posture, confidence & flexibility.


“Ten years ago, I went looking for a fun and affordable dance sport for my 4 year old daughter. We found Physie and have never looked back!”


Physie is an elegant way of developing fitness, grace and strength in girls and women. At BJP, we are proud of how Physie weaves its way throughout the lives of Australian families. Generations of women have discovered a true sense of community and a sport for life.”

Jackie Rawlings, BJP Director

“My daughter absolutely LOVES Physie and so do I! Above all else, Physie has allowed us to join a beautiful network of amazing women.” 


“I began Physie at the age of three and have loved it ever since. Physie has taught me to be creative and confident but the best part is the lifelong friendships which I treasure!”

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