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Physie Fuel

Proper nutrition is extremely important to consider as it will fuel your body in preparation for your weekly Physie class. During a Physie lesson you will use loads of energy and burn lots of calories, so the last thing you want to do is go into class on an empty stomach. Nutrition also has a […]

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5 Minutes with Danielle Holland

Q: Where is your club located in Australia? A: Palm Beach Physie is located on the magnificent Gold Coast of Queensland where it is “beautiful one day, perfect the next.” Q: When you started your club, what surprised you? A: I was surprised at the response and the excitement it generated. I’ve started with a fantastic group and […]

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Tip of the week

How to do a plié` Lengthen the spine Keep weight on the balls of the feet but still have heels down Bend knees pushing out the thigh Ensure knees go over the toes Keep heels on the floor Ensure bottom is in and posture is up Ensure hips are in line Tips for doing a […]

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