This week we’re giving you some tips for practicing at home in the Holidays.

  • Find a friend to practice with – a physie friend will help motivate you and you can watch and film each other.
  • Practice counting the music.  Counting the routines is really important.   First do the routine with no music and count out loud, then put the music on and count over the music. Finally, do the routine again and just count in your head.  This way you will always know exactly where you have to be on which count.  When you can do this, you will be less distractable at competitions and much less likely to make a mistake. 🙂
  • Check out previous “Physie Tip of the Week” blog posts and see if you are doing positions the correct way. (just use the search bar to find them)
  • If you want to practice in the holidays, make a plan! Set yourself some goals.  Here’s a suggested weekly plan – click on the link to download and print your copy. PRACTICE IN THE HOLIDAYS

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