“You always look so good when you come home from physie class” he said.

And I got to thinking… why wouldn’t you?

You’ve just been:


Having fun

Learning something new

Dancing to music and

Seeing your friends

Sounds great! But there’s even more to the story… Here’s what actually happens to your body when you exercise in your physie class:

Elevated heart rate

Increased rate of breathing

Increased blood flow

Muscle contractions

Movement of joints

Weight-bearing impact

Dramatic increase in brain activity

And all this leads directly to many wonderful benefits, including:

Clearer skin

Improved mood

Improved sleep

Boosted energy levels

Increased fitness

More efficient heart function

Reduced blood pressure

Decreased risk of heart and blood vessel diseases

Boosted brain cell function

Release of neurotransmitters which help fight off depression

Normalising of glucose, insulin and leptin levels (optimising overall health)

Maintenance of healthy bone mass (preventing osteoporosis)

Prevention and even reversal of brain decay

Prevention and reversal of muscle decay

Increased cognitive abilities like concentration, focus and motivation

So I bet you didn’t know physie was doing all that for you?