Have you ever wondered what a Physie Champion gets up to in the off season? What does a physie girl do when she doesn’t have her weekly class to attend?!

Here is a glimpse of what Lauren Perry from Nepean has been doing in her time off over the holiday period.
Stay tuned next week for more of our 2017 Champions!

What do you like to do in the Physie break?
During the Physie break I love to spend my days with friends and family, going for lunch, finding a fun walking track, seeing a movie or one of my favourites… a games night!
I also enjoy a random lazy day on the lounge which I don’t get very often during the year, with Physie, work and Uni keeping me on the go.  I’ve also been planning a holiday to the USA, searching for activities, flights etc. has been keeping me busy.

What’s your favourite hobby or something that people might not know about you?
My favourite hobby is definitely Physie, you’ll often find me watching Physie videos from when I was little (I know… tragic), but I do also love to read, mysteries are my favourite. I’m about to start my second year of uni, studying a Bachelor of Social work at ACU and I’m a huge Harry Potter fan.

How do you keep fit, healthy and flexible over the break so that you’re ready for the new year?
To stay active over the off season, I go to the gym or I like to do some circuits at home.
I love to do the Nepean River Walk; it has such a beautiful view. Makes the long walk worth it!
This year I also decided to try hot yoga classes and I’m loving it! It’s challenging, but you feel so refreshed and full of energy once the class is over. Exactly like a Physie class!