Does anyone look straight ahead any more? Seriously! Take a look next time you go past a bus stop or cafe and see if you can find someone who is not craned over looking at their phone. The problem of bad posture from looking down at phones and ipads is now so common it has a name… “Text Neck”. Do you have text neck? Can you stand up perfectly straight? Are you starting to get a little hump at the base of your neck that never used to be there?

If so, it’s time to develop a whole new posture for phone use – one where your arms bring the phone up to your head rather than your head bending down to the phone.  Something else that helps fight text neck is PHYSIE!  Get yourself and your daughters to regular physie classes where great posture is taught and practiced every class right throughout the curriculum of dances and exercise routines.

Having an awareness of exactly what IS good posture is the first step towards achieving it for the rest of your life and avoiding the problems and pain of Text Neck.
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