If you were in the Ballarat Squad we’d love to invite you to a reunion afternoon tea in Sydney on 7th October.
Please phone us on 02 9858 5122.
So far we’ve found 14 members but we are still trying to track down the following people. If you have any clues please let us know.
Toni Falla
Margot Ball
Jacqueline Crompton
Val Maudsley (Jackson)
Carol Beattie
So far we’ve found:
Carol Sergeant
Cecily McCann
Denise Hanley
Glenda McCann
Heather Smith
Janet Beaumont
Joan Kidney
Jocelyn Kerr
Kerrie Higham
Lee Mills
Lesley Woods
Lyn Northy
Margaret Wiseman
Marilyn Cole
Is there someone we’ve forgotten?  Please give us a call.
Thanks for your help.