The BJP Physie curriculum DVD was shot last Friday at the ABC Studios inSydney.  All 8 performers did a superb job under pressure.  Not only did they have to learn the year’s syllabus by April, includng dances, but they had to perform under bright lights while being filmed – it’s a big ask but, since they are all national champions, they are used to being centre stage.

The youngest performer, Natasha Brierley (pictured here) is just 7 years old.  Natasha, who came down from Tenterfield for the shoot, won the 6 year National Championships last November at Sydney Olympic Park.  She wasn’t daunted by the bright lights or camera crew and said “I had a great time being with the big girls and making friends with them”.  It was a huge day for such a young person but as her teacher says “physie has given her the confidence to take on such a difficult job and do it so well.”  Needless to say, mum and teacher were both very proud.

The DVD is now in post–production and will be ready for national distribution in a few short weeks.