It takes more than just talent to achieve your goals. To get the most out of your class you should aim to be an A+ student!

  • Arrive early and prepare for class
  • Be prepared. Pack you Physie gear the night before.
  • Stay focused during your lesson. Your teacher is giving you valuable information! Make sure you don’t miss it.
  • Try to apply any corrections given straight away.
  • Think ahead. As you work through your routines think about what you have to work on.
  • Talk to your teacher and ask her if she has anything that you should focus on for the upcoming events in your calendar.
  • Show respect to your teacher and peers.
  • Be supportive and encouraging of others. There is nothing more rewarding then helping someone else.
  • Show your teacher and class mates that you appreciate them by smiling and saying thank you.
  • Always be positive and encourage your class and team to do like wise.

Think about these points as you go into your next class and good luck being an A+ student!

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