Forty years ago I was invited to attend the Woy Woy Rec club comps and was introduced as their teacher for the following year. On that day and many others I met families who I am still friends with.  Over the years, I have so enjoyed watching the daughters and granddaughters of these families reach for the stars with their own physie.

Tomorrow at Coffs Coast Presentation Day I am thrilled to be presenting to a 3rd generation physie fairy called Layla. 30 years ago I met her family when I started teaching Layla’s Aunty, then her Mum and her Grandmother.

We talk about our love of physie, the music, the syllabus, the friendships and the fun. But the most important ingredient in my opinion is the people. The people who have crossed our paths for a short time or a long time, doing physie or as a spectator, it is all so very special.

And now the role that the BJP chat page plays is very important too. I have been reunited with names from the past, made new friends and a short while ago even girls I went to school with 50 odd years ago. Can it get much better?

This year has been special in so many way for me. I have had some outstanding physie opportunities come my way which I will cherish. So, happy 40th anniversary to me…. the physie journey has been a truly amazing experience. Times 10!!!

Marianne Kavanagh


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