From Friday 20th May until 29th May, the suburb Casino comes alive for Beef Week.

This annual event provides a fantastic opportunity to be able to participate in many activities. The biggest day is Saturday 28th May which typically starts with the centre of the main street being lined with cattle. It brings together many people from around the area as well as from far and wide, so it is a great time to show people what physie is and give them a look first hand.

Saturday morning some of the Summerland physie girls braved the cold to perform their routines for the local community. WP_20160528_003

Jess is a teacher at Summerland Physie and she said; “It is amazing how when you put on some music and place some girls out in the middle of a roundabout to dance how they can draw a crowd!  We were so proud that the display was filled with as many girls new to physie this year as past members. The parents loved the opportunity to watch their daughters perform and the girls loved dancing for the audience and doing what they love! We had many people stop and ask questions about physie. We take every opportunity to promote physie in our local community.WP_20160528_028 In the afternoon we lined up and walked in the parade proudly wearing our club outfits. The teenagers were great role models marching in the parade and supporting their club with pride.”

One parent said “It’s a good chance for the girls to show their family and friends what it is that they do and then they can see why the girls love it so much.”

The local community is lucky to have two physie clubs in town, Summerland Club and Casino Club.

Good on you girls and well done for sharing your love of physie with the people in your area. We hope they enjoy it just as much as you do!