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PERFORMING ART GALLERY These amazing photographs are the brainchild of professional photographer and passionate Physie girl, Heidi Boardman. Inspired by the artistic beauty, striking aesthetic and physical grace of the movement...

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Grand Champions 2013Grand Champions 2013 Winning at the national finals for your age group is one of the greatest achievements in Physie. Congratulations to all our Grand Champions of 2013. 6 years Ava, Mermaid Beach 7 years Shaylee,...

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Empowering Girls For LifeEmpowering Girls For Life Physie is a fusion of dance and sport that empowers girls for life. Watch Brooke’s story...

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The True Spirit of PhysieThe True Spirit of Physie These two gorgeous 5 year old physie girls are from two clubs that have always competed against each other – Manning Valley and Taree Great Lakes. The girls met last year and, despite joining different...

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Join the Conversation...Join the Conversation... BJP Physie Chat Facebook group had it's 2000th member join last night. So get on board as they say and "Join The Conversation" at our Facebook group.

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Performing Art Gallery

Posted by Jackie on 01-Aug-2014

IMG_7483Photography by Heidi Boardman

What should I eat for physie comps?

Posted by Jackie on 31-Jul-2014

Getting your food intake just right before a physie comp can make all the difference to how you feel and how you perform on the day.  There’s some really great  and some not so great ideas out there about what to eat for physie comps so let’s take a look.


For food to be useful to you as energy it has to be absorbed first. The Australian Institute of Sport recommends a meal 3-4 hours before your event and a light snack 1-2 hours before (and they produce gold-medal Olympians so they should know!) Go mainly for carbohydrates and fluids and eat smaller amounts of the protein, fat and fibre low on competition day. At the bottom of this blog is a list of suggestions from the AIS.

It’s common to see physie girls drinking high sugar drinks, eating lollies or taking glucose tablets just before competing. The danger here is that foods with a high GI cause a rapid, short-lived rise in blood glucose.  When the blood glucose levels inevitably drop again, this can lead to pronounced fatigue and sometimes shakiness and dizziness. The best idea is to stick to low GI foods before your comp and to maintain your hydration with frequent but small amounts of water or sports drink right up to the event.  Basically, on comp day, eat things that your body is used

Performing Art Gallery

Posted by Jackie on 30-Jul-2014

IMG_9521Photography by Heidi Boardman

Competition Time!

Posted by Jackie on 29-Jul-2014

2 physie friends off to nationals togetherThe comp season is upon us again with the first Interclubs for the year just beginning. So it’s time to start thinking about what’s important on the day… You’ve got your leotard, makeup and hair all sorted, you know the routines back-to-front and inside out, you’ve fixed all the things your teacher told you to fix, you’ve been eating well, sleeping well, stretching, practising, working towards your personal goal and you’re 100% mentally prepared.

little friends 2

You’ve arrived at the comp, got your number pinned on, lipstick applied and you can hear the music. The butterflies are all flying in formation. You haven’t forgotten anything… or have you?

stacey and mikayla from diff clubs share excitment

Oops! Did you remember to wish your friend “Good Luck”?  Your physie friend – the one that’s always there for you, win or lose.  Don’t forget her, she’s nervous too. Physie friends are the best kind of friends a girl can have and the two things that friends want to hear the most are “Everything will be okay” and “I’m there for you”.  So remember, at your next competition, enjoy the support of your physie friends – coz they’ve got your back.  And make sure you’ve got theirs…

Quote of the Week

Posted by Jackie on 28-Jul-2014

“Success is what happens when ten thousand hours of training
meet with one moment of opportunity.”  Unknown


Photograph by Nicole Macintosh

Then and Now

Posted by Jackie on 27-Jul-2014

team 1 team 2