A “Grand” History

BJP's choreographic history was beautifully demonstrated by our previous three Grand Champions on Saturday at the State Library of NSW as the end of the Physie Exhibition approaches.  Thanks to Brooke Davey, Phoebe Collins and Shannon Reinhard for giving the general public such outstanding performances of routines from 1958, 1985 and

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What are you doing tomorrow?

Last reminder that tomorrow the State Library of NSW is hosting an event about physie called "What is Physie?" with an interview panel, Q&A and performances by 3 Grand Champions.  Register online at the library's website.  It's free but you need to reserve a seat. Starts 2pm in the Dickson Room

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Can’t get enough of Physie?

Then come to an event hosted by the State Library of NSW this Saturday called: "What Is Physie?" All the details are below.  There will be a discussion panel about Physie past and present and displays of Physie routines through history, performed by our most recent three Grand Champions.  To reserve your free

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Holiday “Plysie” shots

Welcome to the first day of Spring! Hope you're enjoying the holidays, wherever you are.  Here's Bec doing a Balance in Brighton and a team of terrifically toned ladies doing top stand in Terrigal!  Send us your holiday 'plysie' photos...   Polished Pose in Pisa Leg Mount at

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Seen the Physie Exhibition yet?

With school holidays coming up it's the perfect time to go visit the State Library of NSW and see the Physie exhibition in the Dickson Galleries.  Some of the stars of the photos have been to the exhibition... and here they are with their photos!Some have gone in a group as

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