BJP’s choreographic history was beautifully demonstrated by our previous three Grand Champions on Saturday at the State Library of NSW as the end of the Physie Exhibition approaches.  Thanks to Brooke Davey, Phoebe Collins and Shannon Reinhard for giving the general public such outstanding performances of routines from 1958, 1985 and 2011.image2

They were joined by 5 year old Samantha from The Peninsula club who performed 2 routines, demonstrating the benefits of physie for young girls: discipline, concentration, body control and confidence. Samantha says she’d love to do it all again because she just loves her physie.  According to her mum “she wouldn’t stop talking about her favourite part of the afternoon, which was dancing with the DVD girls”.  Thank you Sam for showing us how it’s done!  If you haven’t yet seen the video, head to our fb page or click on our PHYSIE TV channel. Thanks also to the interview panel: Val Connors, Candice Wolfson and photographer Lyndal Irons.image5 image6 image3 image4