Tips for splits

  • Ensure body is lifted with correct posture
  • Keep hips square to the front
  • Chest expanded and shoulders down
  • Aim for both legs straight and feet pointed
  • If you can’t straighten both legs, bend the back leg
  • Ensure back leg is always turned out (side of back foot on floor)
  • Keep hands on floor next to hips. Elbows may be relaxed and should be kept tucked in. If hands won’t go flat then fingertips to floor.

Stretches for Splits
Kneel on one knee, push into front knee, using hands for support. Ensure shin is vertical and hips are square. This will stretch your hip flexor. Hold for 30 seconds.

Transfer weight onto back leg and straighten front leg, taking body over front leg. Keeping hips square and back thigh vertical. Hold for 30 seconds. This will stretch your lower hamstring.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 twice.
Attempt splits.
Repeat on other leg.
Lay on back, keep one leg straight and flat on floor. Pull the other leg in towards body ensuring both legs remain straight. Hold for 30 seconds. This will stretch your upper hamstring.

Change legs and repeat.
Repeat upper hamstring stretch twice on each leg.
Attempt splits again.
Stretch quads as well by keeping hips square and pulling back foot towards your bottom. Ensure knees stay together and bottom is tucked under.

It is very important NOT to do over-splits – that is, do not attempt to split past 180 degrees. This is very damaging to your body because ligaments that are overstretched can never return to their proper length, leading to joint instability and a much greater likelihood of future injuries. Oversplits leads to damaged bone growth plates in girls. In Physie you will never need to split past 180 degrees in a kick, a balance or a leap. In fact, going past 180 degrees is breaking the line and you will be marked down.


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