Nobody likes to be reminded of the fact that they are getting older but as you reach a certain age it becomes more and more important to take care of yourself. Your body does an incredible job keeping you happy and healthy year after year and that’s something that really deserves some recognition.
It’s a sad fact that we all become more vulnerable when we reach our senior years but by keeping active and remaining fit and healthy you can alleviate some of the potential risks that come as part of the package of your twilight years. Our bodies are like fine-tuned machines that need regular maintenance to continue working effectively.
Physie is the ultimate body positive workout that will tone and strengthen your body. Physie increases cardiovascular fitness and keeps your balance, flexibility and reflexes working to help to reduce the risk of falls. Dancing to music and learning movement sequences helps keep your brain active and healthy.
And it’s social! Learning routines with like-minded women who want to stay active and have fun is a great weekly activity. Ladies of any age can take part in Physie at whatever level they are comfortable with – proof of this is that there are ladies in their 70s still competing in Physie and ladies in their 90s still participating in Physie classes.
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