Robyn Phillips started her magical physie journey when she was 7 at Lidcombe-Berala. At 16 she taught Marrickville and Campsie, then Mt Pritchard and Lidcombe-Berala. In 1977 she opened Liverpool club and still teaches there.  Robyn has experienced many aspects of BJP in her journey including teacher, zone head, choreographer and Associate Teacher for 25 years in Sydney, Liverpool, Tamworth and Orange.  Her greatest passion is teaching and sharing the love of physie with everyone with whom she comes into contact. Working as a director feels like the ultimate hobby becoming a job in the most inspiring way imaginable.

Do you have a favourite personal quote you either heard or have made yourself?
My favourite quotes are: “A Winner Never Quits, A Quitter is never a Winner” and “Dare to Dream”

What was your favourite routine you have performed?
The Exercises to “Solitaire”, a song you can completely disappear into whilst performing. To this day I feel the urge to jump on the floor when this song plays.

If you could go back in time, what advice and lessons learned would you had given to your “younger self”?
Embrace every experience along the way whether they are painful or joyful because they are the stepping stones to creating the performer you are to become.

Can you tell us a little about your time as a Choreographer and an Associate Teacher?
I began teaching associate classes in 1990. I love teaching and  thoroughly enjoyed my time sharing the skills and syllabus with other teachers and knowing that from them it was being spread to thousands of girls and women. Choreography was an amazing experience – being able to consider what skills and physical challenges we could incorporate into syllabus for each age group and choose the appropriate music for the age and put the 2 together to create routines that were beautiful to perform and watch. To see your work come to life at competitions was a very exciting feeling.

What do you love the most about Physie?
The social network and support that has grown through the years from friendship and shared experiences in class and  competition, supporting one another in fitness and in life. I admire the wonderful team I work with as we strive to spread the physie word throughout the general population.

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