5 year old Zali Lobb was brand new to BJP Physie in 2012 and took part in the Pennant Hills Zone competitions. Zali didn’t make the Final but that didn’t phase her much – after being presented with her District Competitor Medal and seeing what the Finalists got, she turned to her teacher and said “I must be special ‘cause I got a Gold Medal and they only got a coloured one!”

“Out of the mouth of babes…” says her teacher, Steph Cole. And Zali is keen as mustard to get back into her physie this year and try for another one.  And that’s what it’s all about – girls setting goals for themselves and being motivated to learn their dances and trying each year to improve.  “To compete at 5 years old is really daunting and I’m incredibly proud of her and of all my students for giving it a go” says Steph.