Having a healthy body and being in great shape is as simple now as it’s always been. Here’s the magic formula… eat better, move more and never give up!

Did you know that Americans spend over $30 billion a year on weight-loss programs and products?  Not million…. BILLION!  Imagine if they spent that on healthy food…

healthy-food-300x300Here’s 4 key things to consider:

VARIETY – never eliminate an entire food group.  We all need protein, carbs and fats – we just need the right amount of them.  Eat a wide range of foods and as they say “eat a rainbow” (choose lots of different colours of foods).

WHOLE FOODS – try hard not to eat processed food, but whole food – like meat, fish, nuts, veggies, fruit as well as the right kind and quantity of grains and fats. Whole food is quality food. It can be more expensive but aren’t you worth it?images (2)

DO IT SLOWLY – there’s no such thing as a quick fix. Take your time to get healthy and be patient so you can stay healthy.  If you have an ‘epic fail’ day, just start again the next day and don’t give up.

DO IT FOREVER –If you want to be healthy and in great shape you have to make it a life-long mission, so make realistic plans and make sure you can sustain them.