BJP Physie is excited to announce an incredible opportunity to perform for a global audience of 1billion people at the…

The flyer has all the details and a link to apply online. If you are over 16 and have been doing Physie for 5 years or more this is your chance to dance and shine!

Here are some FAQs…

Q: Where is it?
A: Sydney Olympic Park.

Q: When is it?
A: Between 17 and 21 February 2020.

Q: How do I apply?

Q: Do I have to go to all 3 rehearsals?
A: Yes.

Q: How old do I have to be to perform?
A: You must have had your 16th birthday by 17th February 2020.

Q: Is there an upper age limit to perform?
A: No. But you must be fit enough to dance at rehearsal for 8 hours.

Q: Can anyone apply to dance?
A: No. You must have been a competing member of BJP Physie for at least 5 years.

Q: On the form where it asks to list my dance experience what should I put?
A: Type this “I have been competing in BJP Physie for at least 5 years” (this must be true!)

Q: Who is playing in the T20 competition?
A: Australia versus India.

Q: Will I get any tickets to watch?
A: Yes! You will receive a ticket for yourself PLUS 3 tickets for family or friends.

Q: Will it be televised?
A: Yes, it will be televised to a global audience.

Q; Will we be sent choreography to learn before the first rehearsal?
A: Yes.

Q: Do we have to pay for costumes?
A: No. Costumes are provided AND you get to keep them after the show.

Q: Will any food be provided?
A: Yes. There will be light refreshments and drinks provided for you at rehearsals.

Q: Who do I contact with more questions?
A: Once you apply online, you will receive an email, then you can respond to that to ask questions.

Sign up here:

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