I would like to challenge you this week.  Have a conversation with your teacher, mentor, class mate or parent. Pick a weakness.  Put a plan in place.

Now is the time of the year to focus on the things that, if improved upon, can improve your physie performance !


* Mia can kick really high but can’t control her posture or supporting leg very well. Let’s work on strength and core control!

13405211_10154115204006469_1841359499_oStand on one leg and place your other foot on to a chair, step or bench. Focus on keeping your supporting leg straight and your core tight and still. Lift your leg up off the bench and replace it with control. Repeat x 20 and then change legs. Face sideways and continue the exercise to work on a different set of muscles.

Now your k280b005490480b6d11ff4c6eb0ad0d2aicks will be high as well as becoming strong, with total control over the movement and your body.

* Lucy can get her chest flat to the floor at astride sit. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of doing this move over and over again, however we should also work on the opposite movement to ensure we compliment our strength.

Lets focus on your chest arch, lean backs and impulses!

Follow the stretches on the left to help loosen up your back and watch your weakness convert into a strength with continued attention.

One more!!!!

If you stretch your hamstrings (back of thigh) ensure that you also stretch your quadriceps (front of thigh).


hamstring+stretch             Seated-Static-Quad-Stretch

Your confidence and skill level will continue to improve as you persist and focus on turning your weaknesses into a strength. You can do it!