There simply are no downsides to living a healthy lifestyle.  Of course that includes good nutrition and sufficient sleep. But one of the most important contributing factors to being happy is being fit and there’s only one way to achieve that… exercise!

To some that’s a four letter word and to others it’s a joy. If you’re in the first category, changing the way you feel about exercise can literally change your life. And for many Physie girls and ladies it already has!  Consistent exercise through doing Physie routines has so many benefits: here’s just a few… improved cognitive function, better circulation, stronger joints, increased muscle strength, injury prevention, better posture and fewer back problems, better sleep, better skin, the social highs of creating a new friendship group and feelings of fulfilment and pride.

Physie is a sport for any age from toddlers to grandmas. Today I want to focus on women and what to expect from your body as you dance your way through the decades…

In your 20’s your body is at its peak of capability, hormones are at their highest levels, your body can work hard and recover quickly, allowing high intensity workouts. It’s okay to push yourself but take care of your body too. Basically you’re fairly invincible but don’t party so hard that you skip Physie class or follow any unhealthy eating fads. This is a great time to set yourself on a path of lifelong health and fitness.

In your 30’s muscle tone can start to decline if neglected so it’s important to keep up your Physie! You are young – the fitter and healthier you are now, the easier it will be to maintain. Look after your connective tissue by paying attention to stretching well. For women who’ve begun to have children, spending time working on your pelvic floor will pay big dividends later in life.  And at Physie, you’ll regularly connect with a network of like-minded women who’ll support you.

In your 40’s you want to keep building a strong and functional body that will take you effortlessly through your older years. As we age our muscles begin to naturally shrink, particularly if we are inactive. So keep going to Physie and keep practising at home to keep your strength, bone health, a firing metabolism and a healthy heart.  For 45+ age bracket cardiovascular exercise is crucial – heart disease is a danger for this age bracket. If you ain’t sweating, work harder!

In your 50’s you’re in the decade of hormonal changes which brings a whole new bunch of challenges. For some, menopause has already begun in their 40’s but for most it’s around 50. Oestrogen levels will be all over the place so watch out for muscle tears and injury which can occur much more easily when oestrogen is low. If you haven’t been a big exerciser before now and are just starting out at Physie then take it slowly and just keep moving. For everyone this age, keep strong and keep active.

In your 60’s and beyond, you want to be able to maintain full range of movement. Ensure you are doing your Physie moves the right way so that you don’t risk injury. You’ll need to stretch often and for longer periods than you used to as well as paying attention to warm up and cool down regimes. Keep trying to build muscle mass because this will keep connective tissue and joints stronger, meaning less likelihood of injury. Move every day, even if it’s just one run through of your Physie routines.  And remember, you are AMAZING!