Congratulations to Samantha Kenny who’s photo in the BJP Physie frame at the Easter Show got the most likes, with 132 likes and the caption “Cousins!! Role model…”  In equal second place were Erin Taylor with 61 likes for “3 generations of BJP Physie girls” and Tammy Baker with 61 likes for “Physie makes you fearless”.  In third place was Kristie Kennedy with 55 likes for “Empowering girls for life”.  Our favourites were Megan Timora with “2 clubs, 1 friendship” (49 likes) and Lee-Anne Allan with “My hubby is such a good sport!” (29 likes).

6 5 4 3 2

There can only be one winner though – so Samantha Kenny has won herself a free leotard.  Well done! But we’ll send the others mentioned here something as well.  Thanks to everyone for participating – we hope you had a great time visiting our booth and getting involved.

At this point we want to say a huge Thank You to all the volunteers who manned our stall – giving Physie a presence at the Easter Show for 11 hours a day for two whole weeks!  There are too many of them to mention but thanks to all the people from the following clubs who gave up your time to spread the word about Physie.

Bella Vista, Brisbane Water, Como, Figtree, Hichinbrook, Lakeview, Liverpool, Mosman, Nepean, North Ryde, Oakhill, Penrith, The Peninsula and Woy Woy.  To all of you, we say ….

Tip of The Week

May 17th, 2024|

How to do an upright balance: Raise the leg backwards passing through a rear toe point Ensure both


May 16th, 2024|

UPWARD STRETCH A perfect upward stretch position is hard to find without a mirror. It takes a LOT


May 14th, 2024|

The Ballarat Squad had some amazing costumes each year to go with their innovative choreography, created by Betty

Happy Mothers Day

May 12th, 2024|

She is the one who fusses over you making sure everything is just perfect at every event. She

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Senior Grand Champions

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