Rebecca Robbie is a new associate at Ballina on Richmond and the members and associates of her club would like to take this opportunity to share just a snippet of her journey with you all. She has achieved so much in her first year and they want to show her how much they appreciate her and all that she has done.

“Rebecca’s year started out choreographing a routine for the girls to perform at the local shopping centre. Her achievements have not stopped here! Rebecca then went on to inspire every junior member to put on a leotard and compete in the interclub’s, supplying leotards, hairstyles and ribbons for the girls. At zone she put on her 1st ever team and we as a club were so proud.

Rebecca went on to work her magic at club comps, producing another wonderful performance to go along with the competition, which was a wonderful surprise for Gaye and I. This was followed by a display in November at the local bowling club where Rebecca was transformed into Elsa from Frozen. Miss Bec could not say “NO”. Bec did not hesitate, with only 2 days to put together a routine, costume and supply many Frozen stickers to give to every child. Her performance went off without a hitch and she even managed to learn some of this year’s senior contemporary and ladies syllabus to incorporate into her routine.

I have known Rebecca since she was 6 yrs old when she attended her first ever physie class with Miriam and myself. Bec’s glowing personality with her physie and her daughter Taylia brings a great deal of happiness to all that she meets. Watching this amazing lady grow into the wonderful physie teacher has been an absolute privilege and something I will always cherish. PHYSIE is now her life and seeing her passion grown is a wonderful achievement for us at Ballina On Richmond Physie. We are proud of our Miss Bec, she is what physie is truly all about, FUN, FRIENDSHIP, DEDICATION, PASSIONATE and SHINING BRIGHT.”