Not only is Physie exciting and fun, but it also provides camaraderie amongst it’s members. Have you ever thought of the benefits of being a part of a Physie team?  Besides being loads of fun and a great way to stay physically fit, participation in Physie helps us to build social and teamwork skills.

Here are just a few of the wonderful benefits of participating in teams:

1.Develop Friendships. All team mates have the opportunity to build relationships with each other and their teachers, which is a great way to expand social skills, a sense of belonging and empathy.

2.Respect. In team situations, we learn to respect other members, such as teachers, assistants, teams mums as well as their peers.

3. Commitment and Responsibility. It is important to manage your time when you make a commitment to your team to ensure that you can fit everything in and avoid missing practice! It also makes the experience more enjoyable for you.

4. It puts winning into perspective. Knowing that your team mates will be there to share the high’s and the low’s with you is an important step in developing resilience. Show patience and persistence!

5. Communication. Working with others requires communication and can also help to overcome shyness and increase individuals self confidence.


6. There is no I in Team.  Having a team attitude encourages good sportsmanship, co-operation and inclusivity. Working together to achieve a common goal is priceless.

T– Together

E– Everyone

A– Achieves

M– More