tracey from balgowlahTo my physie teacher:

“Wow…what a day!! I can’t tell you what an emotionally charged day today was for me.  As you know I went back to physie in honour of my mother – I always told her I would and after losing her last year I knew I had to do it.

Today however was not just for her, it was also for me, my family, for you and my team mates. It’s been so long since I’ve been anything else other than a (much loved) mum, and wife. But today I was there with my club, doing it for myself and my team and it felt really good!

So I suppose this year’s journey has been many things for me. Not just to deliver a promise to my beautiful mum but also to rediscover myself again, not only as an individual but as part of a larger group.

Thank you – you are such a gorgeous teacher and absolutely inspirational. I know all the girls were doing it for you! I’m so glad we did well – I’m thrilled for myself but also very thrilled for the club and you.”

Novice Ladies