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Friends can help motivate us to get going and give something a try and then to try just that little bit harder.  

Here’s a great stretch you can do with a friend. Make sure you are warmed up first then sit at astride with your feet leaning against your friends. Grasp each other’s elbows.  

Person A starts to lie down slowly on their back, which pulls person B forward.  It’s important to go slowly and stop as soon as person B can’t stretch any further forward.

Then reverse so that person B is lying down and person A is stretching forward.  

Start slow and aim for small improvements each time you stretch.  

Try to keep your legs turned out during the stretches.

Eventually you will both be able to lie down completely. 

Another great way to stretch your hip joints in this position is to move simultaneously in a circle – so both of you rotate your body in a clockwise direction several times (slowly) and then in an anti-clockwise direction.  

Try it – it feels great!