Positions of the Feet

Try to make all positions of the feet look comfortable and do not force the turn out. Hips should be squared to the front and posture lifted. It is important that the knees turn out with the feet and that the knees are over the toes.


1st Position (attention)

The heels are placed together and feet turned out to approximately 90 degrees (i.e. each foot turns out 45 degrees). It is important not to go too wide.




2nd Position (astride)800_6342

The feet are a little wider than
shoulder width apart. Toes turned out with knees over the toes.




800_63403rd Position

One foot is turned out as in 1st position. Place the other foot half way along the foot so the heel is resting against the instep. This foot should also turn out.





4th Position

Place one foot in front of the other approximately 30cms apart. 4thposition comes from 3rd position – feet are slightly crossed (i.e. heels are not in line with each other).