This week it’s not a stretch or a physie position but a piece of advice – you could say it’s from the collective wisdom of every physie mum and nanna over the last 50 years. And it’s this:  practice in your competition leotard!

It’s always important to rehearse before any performance, to know exactly how you’re going to perform your routines, where you’ll place your feet, how you’ll turn your head, what your special timing is that lets you express the music.  Physie girls put hundreds of hours into preparing for competitions (and sometimes quite a lot of hours into choosing the actual leotard!) yet forget the simple thing of putting on the leotard they plan to wear and doing the work in it.

Make sure you do lateral bends, upward stretch and your floor routine to find out how the leotard will move.  Then you can be sure that you’ve got the right size, you can plan the right underwear and you know that you will feel comfortable out there on the competition floor.  After all, you don’t need any unnecessary distractions when you are competing and you want to look 100% fabulous!