How to do a plié`

  • imagesLengthen the spine
  • Keep weight on the balls of the feet but still have heels down
  • Bend knees pushing out the thigh
  • Ensure knees go over the toes
  • Keep heels on the floor
  • Ensure bottom is in and posture is up
  • Ensure hips are in line

Tips for doing a plié`

  • The movement of a plie` should always be straight down and straight up when you straighten your legs.
  • Try to relax your joints as much as possible. You shouldn’t feel tension in your hips, knees or ankles.
  • Try not to tense your muscles when you plie`. It should be a fluid movement.
  • To recover from a plié` it is important to keep the back straight and ensure head and eyes are lifted. Push heels into the ground.


A plie` should be a graceful movement that shows no body movement. The only movement should be the bend in the knees. Body should remain centered and straight with the stomach pulled back to the spine and bottom pulled in.

When in 4th position be careful not to lean towards the front or back leg. Your weight needs to be distributed evenly and open knees equally. Do not let your back knee fall forward.


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