It’s important that your hip flexors are flexible – when they work properly they keep your pelvis in the neutral position, taking pressure off the spine.

We often see that physie girls are great at stretching the back of their legs (hamstrings) and inside thigh (adductors) but neglect the front of the leg (quads and hip flexors/psoas). Today’s pictures show you how to stretch this important part of your body.

The best and easiest way to start is in half square kneel (with something soft under your knee), then gently push forward, tucking your pelvis under and hold for several slow breaths.

When this becomes easy and you need more stretch, you can try moving the front foot forward but take it slowly!

Another great way is to start from a lunge (feet facing forward), allow both heels to come off the floor, take your weight on your forearms then push the hip flexor towards the floor. (It’s okay for the front knee to splay out).