chloe from coastal club enjoys first physie comp“It’s not always about what colour medal you get or about ‘winning’…  To be proud of yourself and have others be proud of you is the biggest achievement of all.”  Kristy

Physie makes me happy!

“Physie enhances my whole wellbeing. It helps my concentration and memory. It teaches me that I can be simultaneously graceful and powerful. It channels my energy in a positive way. It gives me strength of mind, body and spirit. It makes me smile and laugh. But most of all, it embraces and is flexible to everybody’s needs, circumstances, desires and individuality which few physical activities do.  Knowing I have Tuesdays to look forward to, an hour where I feel accepted, accept myself and have my soul enriched through music and dance is something that keeps me going.  And that is a truly beautiful gift from my wonderful teacher!”  Sally

Decades of physie friendship

“I started physie when I was 7 and in 35 years of doing physie I have made national finals only twice, many years ago! So why do I keep competing? Although those 2 achievements were the happiest moments in my life, every competition since has been special… the atmosphere and excitement of getting together with people who share the same passion and catching up with friends you only see once a year.  I do it to keep our sport going, to try to always better myself and to show our younger, future stars that you don’t have to be the best to enjoy competing, you just have to be the best YOU can be!  We can’t all be winners but we can all be great sportswomen and represent our clubs and the sport we love.” Linda