imag3eIt seems that the more kids become isolated by technology, the more they yearn for human connection with ‘real people’.  In fact, social networking itself is driven by the simple need to connect with others.  To belong is powerful.  And the way to belong is to be involved in a community.  The physie community isn’t on-screen – it’s real and it’s fun.

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Being part of a group like a physie class develops friendships, self-esteem and social skills that help kids grow up.  The best physie teachers measure their success not by the number of members they have or prizes they win, but by how their students blossom and grow, support each other and make trusting relationships.

image (3) At a time when there is a real risk of social isolation for kids, physie provides opportunities for lifelong friendship that can’t be simply can’t be found with the touch of a button.