Physie friends are special people… they just get us!
Belonging to the Physie community enables us to create friendships that we otherwise might not have had the chance to develop.  Physie helps to form friendships with people from different schools, backgrounds, communities, states and even different countries!
Just recently the London Physie girls welcomed in a visitor who is meant to be enjoying a holiday! We all know that you can’t stop a Physie girl though if there is a class anywhere close by! Jackie took the opportunity to pop in for a visit and was able to join in a class. As luck would have it, Hilary was there to capture it all and participate in the lesson as well!
One of the most rewarding things about belonging to the Physie community has to be the friendships that are formed. You work in a team together, you perform side by side and are always encouraging each other in every situation.
What a fabulous sport we belong to where friendships are formed and the Physie journey is shared with lots of fun and laughter along the way!