What an incredible night, the pinnacle of perfection where months of preparation meet with one moment of opportunity. So many beautiful physie girls under one roof – the talent was staggering.  nic 2The winners took home the silver and wowed the audience – they were the smoothest marchers, the strongest athletes, the most graceful ballerinas, the most technically brilliant jazz dancers and the most expressive hip hop and contemporary performers.  Each year the girls seem to raise the standard and this year was no exception.

The other element on display last night, apart from the physie artistry, was great sportsmanship: girls who won gracefully and girls who lost gracefully and were genuinely pleased for their peers.  We love what our senior girls are modelling for the younger girls who look up to them in awe of their talent.

IMG_2085The Latin finale was energetic and fun, a great finish to a night of tense competition.  The Grand Champion Girl, Phoebe Collins from Figtree, performed an outstanding solo of the Contemporary routine, accompanied by our superb vocalist Amelia Jae MacMurray.

nic 3Phoebe’s words of wisdom to all the hopeful physie girls in the audience was to make sure that you have fun at physie – there are many other pressures in life like work and studies, so make sure that you get to enjoy physie with your friends.

Results are posted – click on the members tab and select Results.  Photos courtesy of Nicole Macintosh. We’ll bring you more pics and videos soon….  nic 1