“Lauren started physie at the age of 5 as a shy but talented student. Now she is a confident young teacher who enjoys helping her students gain the confidence to believe in themselves.

She always wanted to be a physie teacher and would look for opportunities to help the younger students.Now she is a BJP Associate and it is lovely to see her passing on her passion to the next generation of physie girls.Lauren Perry

When Lauren was 8 years old she dressed up like her teacher and dreamed about the day she would become a teacher.  And now here she is with her 9-10 year team when they competed at Sydney Olympic Park last November.

It is fabulous to see Lauren and other young Associates wear their BJP uniform with pride and watch them making a difference in young physie girls’ lives.”  Kim Annesley

Would YOU like to become a BJP Physie Teacher?  If you are 16 years or older, give us a call at BJP on 02 9858 5122.