“This my favourite photo from teams 2012 – my gorgeous 5 and 6 year olds. Playing in their dressing room with their friends was more important even than dancing in front of mum and dad and getting prizes. In fact, I had trouble getting them to put the pencils down in order to get them onto the competition floor!

When we start to work on teams in my physie class the girls giggle with excitement – they can’t wait to start. It has nothing to do with winning, although of course they are trying for that.  It’s that they’re doing it together. It’s the bond that’s created throughout the whole year working towards getting it right for that one performance.  For me, whether they nail it or not on the day, it’s the lifelong friendships that they aren’t even aware they are making that makes them all winners!  I just wanted to share that in this “team” week.”                Charis