5-6 Years TEAM  2013

Each year, Evelyn and Emma, teachers of the Connells Point physie club, ask their girls to put together what their team means to them and hand in the sheet on Teams Day.  Everyone looks at them together, as a team, just before they compete and it’s a great bonding experience.

Evelyn says, “What is giving us inspiration is that each year there is an increasing trend among our resident Asian students to value friendship and kinship before achievement and winning – and they are teaching their new peers to enjoy this experience as well.”

One of the mothers of the 7-8 Year team who won the national cup said that the club was “bridging the gap between East and West” and that she couldn’t believe that “this form of dancing physie has helped her daughter become more confident to mix with others and feel part of an activity that she has not experienced before.”

So it seems to be true: Together Everyone Achieves Miracles!11-12 Years TEAM 2013 7-8 Years TEAM 2013