The interclubs have begun! (where did that year go?)
For many, the start of the comp season is a familiar excitement. For others, it’s a whole new
experience and can feel a little daunting.


As a spectator you have a responsibility to ensure that the performer is given every
opportunity to perform to the best of their ability, without any distractions
from the audience.
To ensure that everyone has the best experience possible, we’ve put together the following tips,
so you’ll be right on your way to becoming an expert spectator:

Respect the dignity and worth of all competitors and applaud everyone.
Ensure a fair and proper competition environment for all competitors by abiding by the following:
– remain still and quiet when the music is playing
– ensure that your children remain still and quiet
– turn all mobile phones or other electronic devices to silent
– keep belongings clear of the competition floor
– do not let children sit around the edge of the competition floor
– do not ever walk across the competition floor
– do not use flash photography
Respect the rights of competitors by only videoing or photographing your own child.
Show appreciation and respect for judges and officials and follow their directions. Without them there would be no competition.
Do not sit in teachers’ reserved seating or stand behind this reserved seating area.
Obey the rules of the venue and treat the venue with care.
This includes clearing your own rubbish and not spraying cosmetics inside the venue.
Be helpful and advise an official if there are problems or if help is needed for any reason.