10961_10152624562256049_1908992741963932455_n“Recently our club said goodbye to a family who are moving away. My 9-10 year class took it upon themselves to put together a gift and to get everyone to sign it as a keepsake for their physie friend. I wanted to share this with you all as I think this is just so lovely.

I’m so proud of these girls and I really believe that these friendships were made from the time the girls spend with each other during physie and from the love of physie itself. We really do have a sport that brings out the best in people and makes friendships for life.” from Annette.


“A special thing about being a physie teacher is meeting the girls when they are very young and watching them grow up.  You really do become a big part of their lives and they become a huge part of yours! This is me on the left with Abbie at age 5 when I met her and on the right when she was celebrating her 9th birthday at Physie.” from Lisa.

10348529_10152272145696576_4495569593959083903_n(Lisa, you will know you’re getting old when you suddenly find one year that you are teaching Abbie’s daughters!)