If you are new to Physie, you might be wondering exactly what the judges look for when they are judging you.

There are many, many criteria for judging but the most important ones fall into two categories:

  1. Body control
    • Strength
    • Correct posture
    • Flexibility
    • Turnout
    • Core stability
  2. Accuracy
    • Accurate positions
    • Correct lines, shapes and angles
    • Correct transitions and pathways between every position

Remember that all routines are weighted evenly, including the marching. So you should practice your marching just as much as all your other routines. It’s the first thing the judges see!

Something that may help with accuracy of positions is BJP’s picture glossary. These are available at cost via the Physie shop on our website. If you take a photo of yourself in every position of your routines (including marching) then compare it to the photos in the glossary, you should be able to identify what to work on to make your shapes, angles and lines identical to our national Grand Champion. Good luck!

Always remember that your teachers will know what judges are looking for as we cover this at teachers’ class. They will always be ready to help you identify what to work on because their mission is to guide and encourage you to be the best you can possibly be!

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