It doesn’t take much to say “thanks” at the end of a class but it means a lot to your teacher.

She is always there for you every week.  She feels your every disappointment and cheers for your every achievement.  When you’re watching telly, she’s at teachers’ class learning all the routines so she can teach them to you and she tries so hard to get everything just right.

She always puts physie first, juggling work and family demands, to make sure she never misses your comp.  Sometimes she has to choose who to leave out of a team and it nearly breaks her heart.  But the rewards are huge – she gets to watch you grow and learn and she gets to help every student become the best they can be.

Her physie club is like her second family and she loves each and everyone in it.  At comps she does every single count with you (just watch the teachers out the front of a comp some time and you’ll see what I mean). She holds her breath when you take a balance and sometimes she even forgets to breathe for a whole routine!  She works hard for you, she does physie in her sleep and she wouldn’t miss it for the world…

So next time you’re at physie remember to give your teacher a big THANK YOU because she deserves it!