Physie feet are one of our most prized possessions!  It is important that we look after them and keep them in tip-top shape after we bend them, stretch them, turn on them and jump on them, sometimes for hours a day.Try some of the easy tips below to keep your feet feeling as good as new!

Epsom Salt Soak
Add some Epsom Salts to warm water to reduce inflammation and soothe your tired feet.

Foot Massage
A quick 5 min self-massage will leave you feeling amazing.  Rolling your foot over a ball can help to loosen tight muscles, improve mobility and alleviate aches in joints and muscles.

Go Upside Down
Lay on your back and prop your legs up above you. This technique will improve circulation and reduce inflammation in achy feet.

Mix a couple of drops of peppermint oil with coconut oil (a natural antibacterial) every night right before you go to bed. Lather up your feet and put on some fuzzy socks. Sleep tight!