Photography by Heidi Boardman


“Jump higher! Higher!”

We can all hear our Physie teacher calling this out to us in class as we practice our routines. But how can you get more powerful and higher jumps?

1- Work on Technique – Before you start working on the height of your jump, you must first master the technique of it. Focus on your body alignment, engaging your core, controlling your body, the step you take leading into it and the strength through your legs.

2- Try Imagery- Visualise the shape that you will make when you are up in the air and picture the perfect landing.

3- Trampoline- Try your jumps on a trampoline to give you time to think about your technique as you are up in the air! It’s also a great workout.

4- Relax – Release the tension in your body. Tension is the enemy of a good jump! Not only will your jump look easier and more graceful but it is much safer when landing.

5- Breathe – This may seem obvious but it’s very tempting to hold your breath as you lead into the jump.

6- Practice- Video yourself or take photo’s as you work on your jumps and capture the improvement.

7- Try this challenge!

  • 20 Star jumps
  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 High kicks
  • 10 Tuck jumps
  • Repeat x3