canberra seniors 4 wks from due date8 months pregnant and doing open senior workFor almost all physie girls, history tells us that pregnancy is no barrier to continuing with their physie classes. In fact, many a physie girl has competed while pregnant, even at the Opera House!

1003229_766774870015523_1925604898_nOur ladies’ syllabus is safe right through pregnancy, provided ladies know their own body’s limits.  Some girls even continue in class with the challenging senior work through their pregnancy, like these amazing seniors (pictured above) from Canberra still doing the senior work at 9 months pregnant!10590542_949458841747124_5682928695443540590_n
Last year, physie girl Robyn, competed in her club’s Under 33 team at 7 months… and they achieved 2nd place in A Grade!

So we thought we’d share these happy snaps with you, especially this one – which is the best prize of all for a physie girl – a physie girl baby! 10559871_958924794133862_5184891686523041714_n