When parents and teachers are positive, Physie girls start to step out of their comfort zone and take risks!! Why is this good? It means they are more likely to grow and learn.
Are you a physie parent? Read on…

As you motivate your daughter, talk to her, find out what she likes about Physie and what makes her want to go back each week. Focus on what encourages her to participate and follow their lead.

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone participates in P
hysie for different reasons:
– To belong to a group or to be with friends.
– To experience the excitement and challenge of competition.
– To learn and improve their skills.
– To improve their physical fitness.
– To improve their confidence.
– For enjoyment and fun!

When praising your daughter, be specific! Saying “good job” or “you were great” isn’t quite as helpful as telling them exactly what was good. For example, “your posture was really good this week, your back was straight and you stood up tall” or “I’m so proud that you stayed on your marker tonight and listened to the teacher.” Praise should always be sincere and appropriate. If it’s meaningful, it will achieve its purpose.
Research shows it’s crucial that children are engaged in interests and activities that make them feel good. Here’s where Physie comes into its own. It’s NOT all about who wins a prize – girls are praised for things like effort, improvement, learning a skill, helping others, sportsmanship, supporting team-mates and trying hard. With traits like these winning the teacher’s praise, your daughter’s development into a confident young lady is on the right track.